Thinking about starting Kendo?

Beginners are welcome. People of all fitness levels can practise Kendo. The age limit for our club is 18 but we may accept younger people, please contact us for more detail. There’s no upper age limit – Kendo is an activity that takes years to master but it is never too late to begin.

Contact us with any enquiries and to give us a heads up if you decide to come. To begin your training you only need comfortable gym clothing or a tracksuit. Trying it out is free. Check out our training times and location.

Is this for me?

A good looking fella wearing Cork Budokai top
Photo of an Irish kendoka at an European competition

It is Safe

Kendo is a physically and mentally challenging activity. It is a semi-contact martial art. We practise it in armour and it involves controlled striking opponents with shinai (bamboo sword) on designated targets on the armour. As such, kendo is relatively safe compared to the other martial arts.

It will get you Fitter

You don’t have to be very fit to start training. By practising kendo your fitness, strength, balance and coordination will naturally improve. Also, you might see improvement in your focus, confidence and resilience. If you think you are already fit … you’ll get fitter.

Compete and Advance

If you like to compete – our members have been participating in national and international tournaments as well as competing at the highest level: in European and World championships.

We also hold regular exams so you can advance and track your progress.

Kendo has a Great Community

People are very welcoming and wherever you go you’ll fit right in (here or abroad). We regularly travel together for competitions, seminars or just for extra training. Some people even bring gear to their holiday and practise with a local club while there.

Not Really for Self-Defence

Kendo is not really useful for self-defence. While it can give you better awareness of the situation, and the skills and attitudes learnt transfer very well to day-to-day life, self-defence is not one of them.

If this sounds appealing, contact us and come give it a try.